why ?

11 Apr

Bananas are easy to draw.

Lopsided beige muffins are not.

Either way, it is a challenge. Something that makes me happy. Makes this little corner of the internet different.

And it reminds me of the lazy days of first year, idly scrawling rude words, faces, poetry on the contents of the fruit bowl. Bananas are best for biro drawings, melons for long colourful poems. (With the same bright oil pastels I am still using.)

For Bella’s birthday, we gifted her a poetic masterpiece on a honeydew melon. I am still in awe at her sincere gratitude. Before Christmas we ran along the corridors of staircase 15 and left tangerines with cheerful messages outside each door. Because it was funny.

Now I don’t draw on fruit as much. Instead I draw pictures, with battered pastels in the “colours of bubbles” (one of the nicest compliments I have received), swirling purples and yellows and blues.

One Response to “why ?”

  1. Ralphomon April 11, 2011 at 11:42 am #

    Not just 15 – I remember opening my door on 16 to find a Christmas sentiment-covered tangerine.

    And yes, biros work a charm on bananas!

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