strawberry-coconut frozen yoghurt (plus ice-lollies and a killer smoothie)

12 May

No story. Just an easily blended instant icecream – fruity, creamy, dusty pink.

Actually, there is a story. Last Monday we were rudely shakened awake from naive dreams of romantic expatriate life as the EDF cut off our electricity. We survived for three days on cold showers, candelit picnics and crumbs on the floor. In the end, we didn’t need to exaggerate our pathetic state (we invented an imaginary but cold baby for me, called Lucas) for they did come by on Thursday morning. Surprising me with my short pyjamas and morning lion-hair.

This frozen yoghurt served two purposes:  to use up the bumper pack of yoghurts that had waited sadly in a tepid fridge and to celebrate a newly cold but empty freezer. Electricity is pretty amazing. Boil an egg, make a cup of tea, freeze some beautiful frozen yoghurt. Appreciate it. Savour the delicious cold. But buy some candles just in case.

Strawberry-coconut frozen yoghurt

750ml thick plain yoghurt (best if its Greek)

250ml coconut milk

250ml chopped strawberries

200g caster sugar

2 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp limoncello

Drain the yoghurt of excess liquid. Chop the strawberries and stir in sugar, lemon juice and limoncello. Mash them roughly with a fork. Stir in yoghurt and coconut milk. Taste. Add more lemon if needed. For a smooth result, you can now blend the mixture with a hand blender. Or just blend half, leaving a few chunks of strawberries.

If you have an icecream machine, lucky you. Follow its instructions. If not, the frozen yoghurt will be less smooth, more icy but still delicious. Either tip into a big plastic tub and put in the freezer for a few hours. Every hour or so, give it a vigorous stir to break up the ice crystals. OR make homemade ice-lollies. Half fill a few plastic cups and stick in a wooden lolly stick, or failing that, a wooden/plastic spoon, the kind you buy for picnics. Stick in the freezer for a few hours.

Killer smoothie

barely serves 1

1 ripe banana

juice of 1/2 orange

125ml plain yoghurt

giant chunk of strawberry coconut frozen yoghurt

Blend until smooth (obviously, it being a smoothie). Admire the delicate pink colour. Drink, shiver, make another.


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