party food : starry devilled eggs and prunes in prosciutto

11 Nov

Food is better when it’s mini. The New York Times says so, it must be true.

Party food is instantly better when its mini, preferably on a stick. Like pineapple and cheese cubes. Anyone remember that? Instant edible kitsch. Failing the pointy stick, a cutesy star shape will do.

So I bring you, soft prunes wrapped in crisp salty prosciutto (on sticks) and starry starry devilled eggs with a touch of paprika.

Prunes in prosciutto

Make sure you buy the pitted prunes. Wrap each one in a strip of cured ham (prosciutto, jambon de bayonne, whatever). Spear with a toothpick. Continue until bored. Bake them on a sheet of foil for 8-10 minutes at 180C so the ham is nice and crisp.


Devilled eggs

Boil lots of eggs for ten minutes. Leave to cool in a bowl of (ice) cold water. Peel. Cut zigzags around the middle and gently pull in half. (I may have a magic machine from the 80s that does this for me.) Take a sliver off the bottom so the egg halves will sit up straight.

Gently scoop out the yolks and mash in a bowl. Add yoghurt and olive oil to get a smooth but firm consistency. Like virtuous peanut butter.

Add salt, lots of pepper, some paprika and a dash of chili if you like it hot. Pipe the mixture back into the starry egg white cups. Serve just so, alternatively add a sprig of parsley, a sprinkle of seeds or even fried capers.


It’s all in the presentation people! Display with artfully arranged baby tomatoes and more sprigs.

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