cabbage, chocolate and turmeric (not together)

21 Dec

Would you like to hear about my wholesome cabbage laden supper? Or the chocolate dessert?

The soup was pretty nice: cabbage and coconut and turmeric, served with salty and sweet tofu croutons. But let’s be honest, we (I) only eat vegetables to get chocolate afterwards. A bar of Lindt or a slab of alaxy, whatever your poison.

But this is not just any vehicle for chocolate. It combines, in a genius invention if I say so myself, my two favourite flavours. Not coconut and turmeric, although they come up a lot, even in cake. Something that goes with rum, with gin, with cream. A flavour whore, if you will.

Earl Grey Tea. Better than that: Earl Grey Hot Chocolate! Two delicious hot drinks in one.

Warm the cream, steep the tea leaves in it. Melt the chocolate with loving care. Strain the cream, stir into the chocolate. Now you have a ganache which you can use for homemade truffles, cake icing… It might sound like a bother, but if you make a batch you can keep it in the fridge for hot chocolates all week

Whisk in hot milk and call it a (very good) day.

Earl Grey Tea Hot Chocolate

For the ganache: Equal parts dark chocolate (Lindt is good) and whipping cream. At least 100g of each.

Warm the cream in a small saucepan or in the microwave, til very hot but not boiling. Add some Earlg Grey leaf tea: 2 tsp per 100ml cream.

Melt the chocolate very carefully, do not overheat! Boil some water and pour into a large bowl. Place the broken-up chocolate in a smaller bowl and stand it in the hot water. Leave for 5-10 minutes, barely stir it.

Strain the cream into the chocolate, stir gently. Let it cool to a Nutella consistency and spread out into a slab about 1cm thick. Refrigerate. Now cut into squares and dip in more chocolate to make truffles, or make hot chocolate…

For the hot chocolate:

Heat up a mug of milk. Stir a little into ganache until fully melted. Whisk in the rest of milk.

Per person:

For a genteel bedtime drink: 40g ganache / 250ml milk

For an over-the-top brunch: 70-100g ganache / 250ml milk

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