2011 (winter tangerine pancakes)

4 Jan

Many decisions were made this year, most of which caused tears, then relief, then joy.

There was the new white apartment, pizza and beer surrounded by moving bags. (The flatmate laughed as I threw the clothes on the floor and put up the pictures first.)

There was a weird art project and new acquaintances to share oranges and wool and chalk with.

The long long hair got shorter and shorter, and finally lopped off after a particularly frustrating afternoon with my little students.

I ran another 21km around the Hotel de Ville, thought I might die before the end.

Fought, fell and got baptised as a tall skyscraper arranha-ceu.

Started learning Japanese by accident and got re-named again: Fran-pi (more amenable to the Japanese tongue).

Took five illicit holiday weekends in five months. Drove on the other side of the road, only made a mistake at one junction.

Most prominently, and yet most naturally, I up and started cake-school and life as an apprentice. Just because I like cakes.

Mostly, what this year taught me was that you don’t often get a choice as an adult. Not between two paths anyway.

Once you get past school and university, you don’t have clearcut options. You have a big white empty space and you get to make the decisions. The best ones normally involve movement, running around in the space, however unsure you might be.

And I don’t regret any of the movement, no matter how tired or bald it made me.

This year, I would like to sit and think and run and dive. I would like to keep making decisions, to change my mind, to go round in circles. I know that someone will catch hold of me eventually and make me tea.

As the flatmate says, like a movie tagline, “2012: même pas peur!” (No fear, baby.)

Something old and new for the two-headed god Janus, who looks forward and back. The last of the festive season, the beginning of a new leafy one:

Winter tangerine pancakes

serves 2

1 recipe easy banana pancakes

zest of 2 tangerines

2 big tablespoons Christmas mincemeat (or assorted dried fruit, chopped small)

Heat large frying pan with ample amounts of butter. Stir up the one bowl mix of pancakes, adding in mincemeat and tangerine zest. A pinch of spice, if you like. Fry pancakes on a medium heat until brown around the edges. Keep warm in oven, make several batches.

Serve with maple syrup, tangerine segments and yoghurt.

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