coconut and pineapple muffins with tiny stars

5 Mar

The obsessive compulsive timeline of foodblogging:

00:00 – on sofa in pyjamas (long day cleaning drains, ugh, at work)

00:01 – click on Smitten Kitchen’s double coconut muffins

00:10 – dressed again, arguing with corner shop man about whether coconut oil is suitable for cooking. It’s for your hair, your skin. (He mimes rubbing his scalp, looks worried)

00:30 – sprinkle tiny sugar stars over coconut muffins, hope desperately they do not taste like shampoo

00:50 –  silky coconut muffins with pineapple chunks come out of the oven, taste wonderful.

01:00 – pyjamas on again, all is right with the world.


Notes: To the original recipe, I added just a cup of pineapple chunks, fresh from the tin, and sprinkled stars on top as well as coconut. To melt the coconut oil in its skinny bottle, put it in a saucepan of simmering water for a few minutes.

Indian corner-shops are excellent (at least in Paris) for baking ingredients like nuts, tinned mango, coconut oil, powdered milk that are non-existent / cost an arm and a leg in supermarkets.

One Response to “coconut and pineapple muffins with tiny stars”

  1. Shauna March 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    I saw that SK recipe and thought YUM but pineapple too? Perfect! Love the midnight shop raid, hehe.

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