essentials: celery salt

3 May

Big flakes of salt to be crushed satisfyingly between fingertips, blended with dark celery seed. It sounds frivolous, far from essential and yet – it adds a touch of care to a plain boiled egg, makes a real salad out of avocado and green leaves. For asparagus vinaigrette or tomato soup. Maybe even for chocolate chip cookies. Use it for the tactile pleasure as much as its neat clear flavour.

Make your own: rub some flaky sea salt with crushed celery seeds, or lemon zest, or fresh dried thyme. Brighten up a boring luncheon.

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    […] does sound pretentious, I know that. I also know that I recommended celery salt for much the same reasons – but my whole kitchen now smells of truffles, I am hooked by their […]

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