instant porridge, or, how to get up early in the cold, dark winter

30 Nov

instant porridge

Currently waking up at 5.30 a.m. which is painful to say the least. Obviously I never have time for breakfast before I leave the house, but am miserable without it. This is the way I stay sane and on time for work:

  1. Make sure charming flat-mate has ear-plugs so she won’t be woken by your clattering around – guilt will only make you more nauseous.
  2. Consider going to bed in tomorrow’s clothes, instead leave them in a neat pile on the floor.
  3. Have a delicious bowl of oats, coconut and cinnamon waiting in the microwave – hit start as you take a two minute shower.
  4. Add half a hastily chopped banana and spoon into a jamjar.
  5. Use jar as a hand-warmer unti you can stomach the idea of breakfast – whether at bus-stop. on the underground or at your desk.

There you have it – get out the door in nine minutes flat, and feel warm, well-fed and a liitle bit smug, at least until morning tea.


Instant porridge

serves one tired girl for about two weeks

1 kg rolled oats

100g dessicated coconut

100g sultanas

2 tbs cinnamon

2 big pinches salt

optional: lots of bananas

maple syrup, almond butter, cream…

Stir all dry ingredients together. Add extra dried fruits, nuts, whatever takes your fancy. In the evening, tip 1/2 cup oat mix and 1 cup water into a large breakfast bowl and leave in the microwave. (It does taste better with milk but it tends to boil over while you are in the shower. Bonus: soaking oats overnight is good for digestion.)

In the morning, hit 2 minutes medium-high on the microwave and get dressed. Then hurriedly chop half a banana and stir into porridge with optional extras. Tip into jam-jar, leave house. Do not forget keys, wallet or spoon!

One Response to “instant porridge, or, how to get up early in the cold, dark winter”

  1. Sarah Muston December 4, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    sounds like a great way to start the day and healthy too!!!!

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