for starters

28 Nov


It doesn’t look like much. A pot of flour and water. But soon it will be alive! (Insert evil laugh.) I’m making my own sourdough starter… watch this space.

Actually, in the meantime, since it takes a while to grow a sourdough baby, have a look at the photos over on The Perfect Loaf.

2 Responses to “for starters”

  1. Bill Sewell November 28, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    Hello Frances, I’m currently in the midst of a sourdough obsession so I’m glad to see you’re heading that way too. I’ve taken starter from Annabelle Mottram so I’m missing out that bit but there’s plenty to explore in the making even with an inherited starter. I’ll look forward to hearing more – maybe we’ll do a loaf swap at some point.. Bill


  1. sourdough crumpets for one | tangerine drawings - May 14, 2015

    […] this recipe, you will need to be cultivating a sourdough starter already. The upkeep is minimal: feed it flour and water every day or couple of days, leave it to […]

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