leftovers (22.01.16)

22 Jan

soup and honey and bees

For a cheat’s pilaf: cook rice as usual, but with turmeric, a cinnamon stick, bay leaf and a knob of butter. Fry sliced onions in butter to brown, add chopped hazelnuts and barberries at the last minute. Toss with a portion of rice. Leftover rice (no onions) can be reheated with milk and a handful grated coconut for rice pudding-breakfast.

The above non-recipe was inspired by the Britannia, a Parsi restaurant in Mumbai. Since returning from India, I have been to a Persian cooking class (where I made these lamb and apricot meatballs) and am keen to learn more.

To begin with: Iran: the Land of Bread and Spice

Also reading about ozoni, Japanese New Year soup at Lucky Peach. My flatmate made us something similar on 1st January, a vegetable broth with leftover mint rice, lentils and roasted peppers from our NYE meal. She said it reminded her of her Chilean family, while for me it recalled New Year at the Japanese bakery.

Breakfast in Dhaka. Actually, all the breakfasts from around the world at Roads and Kingdoms.

Bees! Honey on the rooftops of Paris, and mead in its catacombs.

Dreaming about an invite to one of these secret Parisian parties…

…but I did get to eat at the very busy The Palomar in London: octopus with chickpeas; grilled cauliflower with labneh; and prawns on a bed of silky aubergines. Finished with a neatly disordered ‘Jerusalem Mess’ of labneh mousse, lemon cream, sorrel and strawberries.

And finally, I got lost marvelling at the incredible crumb on the breads from @instajorgen, the baker at Jane, in San Francisco.

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