kitchen rhythm

pomegranate upside down cake

With several long train journeys to kill time, I wrote an essay about sound and texture in baking for a Financial Times/Bodley Head competition. They seemed to like it…

In the spirit of the greats, nothing, especially food writing, was off the table. One of the most beguiling essays was the third-placed piece, by Frances Leech, which followed a day in the life of an apprentice baker in a tiny Japanese-owned Parisian patisserie who was acquiring, simultaneously, a working knowledge of idiomatic Japanese and the techniques for perfect millefeuille.
Financial Times

Since then I have actually learned another method for millefeuille, one that is even more reliable, but not very many more Japanese words. Still living in Paris, still making mistakes and getting burnt – but very happy to have some of my writing out in the big wide world.


You can find the essay, ‘Kitchen Rhythm’ on Amazon, on iTunes, on Longreads or with Random House. Happy reading!

2 Responses to “kitchen rhythm”

  1. Patricia O'Brien April 29, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

    We are Aussie friends of a friend of your Mother nearing the end of an3 week stay in Paris. We would love to come and see your Boulangerie to take a report back to Ruth, and for curiosity. We don’t seem to be able to find the address in your blog. If you see this before Sunday will you let us know?
    All best

    • Frances April 29, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

      Hi! So nice to hear from you, please do come visit!

      Have sent an email with directions


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