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verveine icecream

27 Aug



What do you do with the egg yolks leftover from a batch of tuiles? Or macarons? What do you need to validate the existence of said tuiles?

Almost certainly icecream. Something light, sweet, subtle. Something herby for summer. You need icecream made with verveine or lemon verbena. It has a crisp delicate scent, somewhere between basil and citrus. And all you need is a basic vanilla icecream recipe. Except when you make the crème anglaise, instead of a vanilla bean, infuse 10 leaves of lemon verbena into the milk. Let it cool, refrigerate, then just before churning you can finely chop and add a few more fresh leaves along with some crème fraiche.

Dust off the antique icecream maker – that looks like a champagne bucket with a smaller bucket in the middle, with a curved handle. Inbetween goes a boatload of ice and fistfuls of salt. Then you just have to sit on the sofa with a book in one hand, lazily turning the handle. The wooden paddles will scrape the cooling cream from the sides and eventually go from a thick milkshake texture to a light gelato. Freeze, and consume with peach tart, with honey tuiles, or just with a spoon straight from the tub. Would work well with basil too.




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